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Organic Ecosolutions

Our solution was created by a highly respected marine-biologist, (Dr. Stavros Kaniklides Ph.D. FSFRC) in partnership with an Enzyme research laboratory, which has the unique properties to not only break down oil and other pollutants, but unlike tradition oil-spill treatment, that simply breaks down the oil, which then falls to the sea bed and destroys other marine life, our solution digests the oil and does not leave a trace. This is a monumental step forward in the fight against pollution.

We are really keen to bring this to the attention of the world, this could bring dramatic change to marinas, canals, rivers and coastal waters. We also have a solution for soil remediation, which will be of tremendous use for reclaiming/developing brownfield sites throughout the UK and beyond.

We are also developing solutions for microplastics, much of which have been found to come from car tyres, which could be responsible for up to 66% of microplastics entering coastal waters, as presented in this video, documenting the research by Richard Thompson at the University of Plymouth

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